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In the 1990s, designer dog breeders in Australia and the United States started to widely cross Golden Retrievers and Poodles, adopting the portmanteau Goldendoodle to describe the cross, although the name Groodle is also used. The name Goldendoodle is derived from "Golden" (from Golden Retriever) and "Labradoodle" (itself a portmanteau of Labrador Retriever and a Poodle). Deliberately breeding Poodles with Golden Retrievers preceded the 1990s, one example was by Monica Dickens, the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens, who crossed the two breeds in 1969. The original aim of the Goldendoodle's breeders was to produce an alternative to the popular Labradoodle. Initially Goldendoodles were only bred from standard-sized Poodles, later designer breeders started using small varieties of Poodles to create smaller varieties of the crossbreed.